Connecting through mood and rhythm.


Qantas Insurance

Creative Lead

Concepting, designing, animating

People don’t generally enter into health insurance contracts lightly on a whim. It takes time for research and comparison to find a competitive rate thats right for the individual’s circumstances.

This formed the basis of our challenge as we needed to increase conversion with in a three day window. We created an upbeat and interactive campaign designed to create hype and drive new member conversion.

We made the ad into a game, a test for the audience to keep up with the beat, forcing them to read the offer while making them feel the ‘rush’ of the impending end date. We tailored our content to each stage of the 3 day window. Starting off at a moderate pace for days 1 and 2, excellerating it for the final push on the last day.

I carried this project through from concepting, design and deliverables across over 30 different assets. It was featured across display, social, youtube, and print.

The campaign performed extremely well, resulting in their second biggest month of conversions ever and one very happy client.