Creating a seamless booking experience.



UI Designer (after header)

Interface design, interactions, user flow

There’s a lot to explore near Uluru, with Ayers Rock Resort operating over 100 experiences as well as a multitude of accommodation options. The challenge came with the user feeling overwhelmed by the options on the website with a complicated user flow, ultimately leading to a high drop off rate.

We had the opportunity to enhance the user experience, taking them through the options in a way that was intuitive and immersive.

This also came with an additional challenge as we only had the homepage to work with and the journey from the new to the old had to flow like one seamless experience.

We set to work creating a new visual language with usability for older demographics at the forefront of the UI design. We created elements that drew on the cultural richness of the area and carefully crafted the existing guidelines into a contemporary output.

After the initial designs, the client was so happy they extended the budget for us to design additional pages and subpages as well. We created flexible modules to be used across the pages that could be used for a range of content purposes and connected the old and new parts of the journey. The website was featured as a nominee on and received a shoutout from Noise podcast.

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