Growing a garden business


Brush Box Horticulture

Art Director and Designer

Branding, UX, UI

Brush Box Horticulture has a unique gardening approach with a focus on co-creating with their clients, not just a garden but an environment.

Without any formal branding, they needed a way to distinguish themselves from the standard ‘mow an blow’ business with a brand that showcases their unique and approachable nature.



I created a visual identity, distilling their numerous offerings into four distinct pillars — Advice, Design, Planting and Maintanence.

I followed their garden design method of incorporating a mixture of shapes, texture and colour to create the key elements, reflecting the vibrant colours of some Aussie garden favourites - Eucalypt, Waratah, Jacaranda & Banksia.

The Website

My client relied mainly on word of mouth to promote their business which worked well with the smaller maintanence jobs but when it came to bigger projects, new clients were hesitant to book on word of mouth alone. 

The website needed to establish trust from their prosoective clients, showcasing offerings and past projects, leading the user further down the funnel to ultimately book a quote.


The research conducted focussed on determining the behaviour patterns of users online. Who they are, how they use the internet and what they’re looking for when seeking to engage a gardening service. 

Key findings from the research we could distill the users into two main Personas - those who are 60+ and prefer to make arrangements via phone and those 40 - 59 who prefer to go online.

The older demographic tend to book more ongoing maintanence work while the younger demographic book bigger one off projects. 

The timeline between considering getting work done and actually booking can be lengthy, leaving room for client drop. 


Creating wireframes allowed me to focus on functionality. I kept accessability in mind, knowing that the primary users either are time poor or not technology natives. Keeping it simple, the website is a succinct one pager helping the user navigate with the least amount of clicks. In order to combat drop off by I created multiple touch points to direct people to book quotes. 

Final Design