Crafting native social content.


Origin Energy

Creative Lead

Concepting, designing, animating

Designing a successful social media post is an art form. With audiences now scrolling almost endlessly at lightening speed, our ads need to be more engaging than ever - we have to make audiences want to digest out content.

We designed three separate creatives, native to social with bespoke facebook, instagram and instagram stories to not just inform the user but to entertain and surprise them as well.

Harnessing the ‘boomerang’ effect, we created a looping image combining a daggy dance with the discount offer..

With the use of emojis in 3d space we created hypnotic visuals to entice the user through the ad

Created specifically to live on instagram stories, we created a tap and hold game whereby the user has to tap on the video in sync with the cat touching the offer in order to redeem it.