Creating a growing community.


Plant Sit

Product designer

User research, user flow, wireframes, interface design

Plant Sit is an easy to use app designed to provide people in the community with connection, a small income and some happy plants. Whether people are going away for a holiday, for business or to hospital, Plant Sit connects the user with local members of the community who will look after their plants in their home, their garden or will take them home to board. Plant Sit also provides an alternative income source for people of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Having community and accessibility and the heart of the app we sought to create a peer-to-peer payment system whereby payments can be paid via Paypal, bank transfer, or with cash.

The challenge with creating this app lies with the many identified personas with differing objectives. Some people want connection, others just want a quick transaction. This coupled with the wide demographic means that user research and testing is paramount and is required at multiple stages throughout the process.

Plant Sit is still a work in progress with additional testing, prototyping and UI design still underway. If you’re interested in supporting Plant Sit or becoming involved in the project, feel free to get in touch via email,